About us

Chios Yachting - boat rentals in the Aegean Sea started operations in 2010 with private boats, and we will continue with expectations of growth and expansion in the years to come. Our sailors are experienced and have been involved in the sector since 1980. Only trained staff is available to our customers. Based in Chios, we operate mainly in the islands of the Northern Aegean Sea (Inousses, Psara, Lesvos, Samos, Ikaria). We have arrivals and departures to and from any port of the Aegean Sea.

The main concern of Chios Yachting - Sailing in the Aegean Sea is to provide excellent customer service and fully equipped impeccably maintained boats.

Thanks to our customers’ enthusiastic response, we continue our effort constantly to expand our horizons. By creating new cruises and sailing routes, we are able to enrich your sailing experiences.

The goal of Chios Yachting - boat rentals in the Aegean Sea is to contribute as much as possible in the development of Chios' identity as tourist attraction. Chios is a source of natural beauty, worth being explored and loved by the world while maintaining its original beauty. Based on the safety and reliability provided to our travelling customers, we empower people of all ages to participate. During the short time, you will share us while travelling, we want you to experience moments of what we enjoy in our daily lives: The endless magnificent sea!