the Sail Tour around Chios

Published : 09/15/2015

Explore Chios in a very different way. Follow the coastline accompanied by the island’s delightful fragrances. Experience all the natural wealth of Chios in a 1 or 4-days sail trip, on-board on one of our luxurious yachts. Comfort, safety, marvellous landscapes and virgin beaches create a unique setting - the setting of your vacation.


Round of Chios →All day cruise

9.oo we sail from the port of Chios towards to the North

10.oo arrival to the port of Kardamyla

12.oo arrival at the port of Volissos

14.oo we approach a guf for swimming

17.oo arrival to the port of Emporios

19.oo return to the port of Chios

Frequency: Once in a week

Yacht: Princess 45 up to 25 persons



Round of Chios in a 4 days cruise

First day → From Chios Harbour, we set sails in the morning towards Inousses. Here we swim and eat on-board. In the afternoon, we sail to Kardamila where we spend the night.

Second day → In the morning, we take off for Volissos. On the way, we stop for a swim in a bay close by.

Third day → Having enjoyed the unique breakfast on-board, we head to our next destination, the port of Emporio. On our way, we will pick the most beautiful bay for a swim and lunch.

Fourth day → On our last day we swim in beautiful Mavra Volia (Black Stone Beach) and then we continue to Chios Harbour, passing by the coast of Cesme (Turkey). We reach Chios Harbour in the afternoon.


Chios Yachting wishes you a wonderful trip!