cabin charter

Published : 11/04/2015

Cabin charter

Cabin charter is your opportunity to live experiences by sailing around several Greek islands in low prices. Approach every day one new port, swim in secluded gulfs, explore new places, socialize with other people under the bright Greek sun and feel the sea breeze during sunset.

While on board be part of the crue and attend our mini sailing skill’s training  by your skipper.


Pricelist for a whole week sailing cruise

October to April

250 euro /person     - for 8 persons

300 euro /person     - for 6 persons


May -June & September

320 euro/persons     - for 8 persons

416 euro/persons     - for 6 persons


July & August

365 euro/persons     - for 8 persons

483 euro/persons     - for 6 persons


7-days Cruise

Marine trail: Chios-Ikaria-Patmos-Leipsoi-Paros-Naxos-Mykonos


Once we have a minimum group the charter is done. (6 people min)

For whole cabin booking by one person discount 20%

For salon bed booking  discount 15%

Cruises begin by Chios port Saturday 10.00 and return Friday 18.00.

Fuel are paid extra 5lt/h diesel - approximately 4h/day