bachelor party

Published : 11/05/2015


Traditional: Fill up the refrigerator with beers and drinks, pump up the music, put on your swimsuit, gather your dearest friends, bring your mood to the limits and... cast off! Have maximum fun the day before your wedding. Visit your favourite beach or float around undisturbed in the open sea. Enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

* This bachelor party is ideal for participation by both husband and wife to be. (Max. 25 persons)

Alternative: Gather your most beloved friends and take off for a celebrating journey of multiple days! Choose the island that suits your personality (i.e. Mykonos or Paxos) and have fun to the extreme. Take a swim at a different beach every day, have fun until the morning and allow yourself  to indulge in the lullaby of the sea. (8-12 persons).

Romantic: if you wish to turn the day before your wedding into yet another unique experience with your beloved one, let Chios Yachting make it prefect. Enjoy colourful cocktails while relaxing on the deck, overlooking the endless blue sea. Make dives at remote and sunny beaches and live romantic moments with your partner while dining on-board under the stars.

Chios Yachting wishes you wonderful moments!